Design and Build

From the very start of your project we will work with you to determine what type of building best suits your needs. We will find the right Architect for the job and begin the design phase of the project. Once your blueprints are set, the fun begins.

Only the Best in High Quality Building Materials

You can be sure that D&D Barnes Construction won’t be cutting corners on your project. A quality product is our goal and we start by using quality materials.

Flexibility and Control

Each building develops its own character and we are sensitive to that. Many times during the building process our clients determine that a specific layout may not be the best option or a room may need to be expanded. Because we work hand-in-hand with your architect and building engineer, we can work to adapt the building to suit your needs.

The Punch List

“The Punch List” is one of our clients favorite things about D&D Barnes Construction. Where other contractors and builders leave you with a “what you see is what you get” mentality, D&D Barnes Construction makes sure the job isn’t finished until you are satisfied. In the final steps of the project our clients are given the opportunity to examine the work themselves and create a punch list of items that they would like attention to.